Candy Floss

Candy Floss Machine For Hiring Requirements.

Payment Terms
(i) Our pricing usually depends with the nature of the event, our prices start from $0.50 for the small Candy Floss and then $1.00 for the bigger one. The minimum number of sells we expected is 100 candies. If one is hiring, he/she should assure us that we will be able to meet this target on their event. On birthdays, weddings, and other fundraisings we expected a deposit of $30, which is refundable if the event fails to take place. On school events we require the school to first promote the Candy Floss before the event. (1) If the school settles for the small candies which costs $0.50, the school will be getting $0.10 per every Candy sold and (2) if the school settles for the bigger ones which costs $1.00 per candy the school will get $0.20 per every Candy sold, (3) A rainbow Candy with three colors on one stick will be going for $2.00, the school will get $0,50 on every Candy sold. We usually recommend the second & third option to avoid change challenges. Please note that these are our minimum charges, prices can be adjusted in some events like cricket & rugby games and some family shows we do sell Candy for a maximum of $2.00

Our Machine uses gas and solar power, if it’s not cloudy we can run the whole day without any disruptions. However if there are clouds we will need to to plug in our low voltage charger 5V on an electric socket. In most cases the Candy Machine comes with two operators.
We can produce approximately 50 Candy Floss in 1 hour, the organizers should let us know the time which their event is starting as well as the number of Candies there are expecting to purchase
We require the organizers to help us control the kids,
We bring hand made bamboo sticks for spinning the candy, we no longer use plastic straws because they don’t have grip.

If the organizers of the event wants to cancel the event, they need to inform us two days before the event. They need to inform us the date for a reschedule, in most cases we’ll be fully booked, but we’ll try to accommodate.

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