Terms and conditions

Order at least 10 items/products

Orders received after 7:00AM, will be queued for next day delivery if there are any issues we’ll contact you. We close on Weekends, meaning if the order is placed on Friday after 7:00AM it will be delivered on Monday. After you have placed your order you will have (one hour) to make any adjustments to your order. This hour start from the time you click the place order button. After the hour, we will be processing the order.

Please cross check the products in your cart before submitting your order. Once we have received the order we will process the products which you have selected. If you are buying for someone you need to first check with your recipient if he/she is interested in the products you are about to order before you submit your order.

What Happens if I order some products and they happen to be unavailable on the day of delivery? Our sales team will contact you suggesting the available products for replacements. Products might be unavailable on the day of delivery because of; (i) We might receive the products late from our suppliers (ii) The quality might be compromised with weather before delivery (most of our products are perishables)

Our sales team will always update you when your order is being processed, If you make an advance payment and it happens that we fail to get some products, we’ll give the money to the recipient.

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