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Mother’s Day Gift

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•Choose 10 food superstars from the list below, Vegetables Basket will prepare a hamper for mama, all the items will be put in a reed basket. The person who is receiving the order will get a free reed basket. Write the list of your 10 Vegetables which you’re choosing on the checkout form, on section written, ‘ additional information’ Note that the price is the same, just choose any 10 products  for mama. We’ll deliver the basket between Sunday & Monday.

1)Cauliflower 1kg
2)Garlic 250g
3)Apples 1kg
4)Butternuts 3kg
5)Green Beans
6)Carrots 3kg
7)Ginger 250g
8)Watermelon medium
9)Queen Pineapple
10)Broccoli 1kg
11)Babby Marrows 1kg
12)King Onions 1kg
13)Green peas 500g
14)Yellow Pepper 500g
15)Red Pepper 500g
16)Eggplant 1kg
17) FreshGroundnuts kg
19)Upfu Hwezviyo 1kg
20)Sweet potatoes 3kg
21) Grapes 500g

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